November 21, 2023
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Unlocking Business Growth: IT Staff Augmentation Potential for 2024

Understanding IT Staff Augmentation

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook once said about IT staff augmentation:

“Staff augmentation can be a powerful way to bring in specialized skills or expertise on a short-term basis, without committing to a long-term hire.”

In many fields, it is frequently difficult to retain qualified personnel. According to a recent survey, 77% of companies globally report that it is difficult to find highly trained workers to hire; of these, 78% work in the IT industry. Businesses are using augmentation to deal with this issue. Today, let's speak about what staff augmentation can offer start-ups and established companies and how to use it to the fullest.

What Are The Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation?

Although there are many benefits to hiring more professionals, it's important to understand how IT Staff Augmentation will affect the operations of both start-ups and established companies.

Benefits for Start-Ups

This type of hiring may be interesting and highly productive for start-ups. This trend isn't something new but has started spreading widely, and here are key reasons why:

Flexibility and Scalability

Startups leveraging staff augmentation witness a 33% increase in their scalability, allowing swift adjustments to team sizes based on project needs. This adaptability results in a 25% faster time-to-market for products and services. A great example is Uber. They strengthened its backend systems and mobile app development team by using staff augmentation services. This move accelerated the development process with the aid of temporary specialists, which was essential to their competitiveness in the passenger transportation sector.

Ensured project completion

Why do some projects not succeed? What keeps startups from becoming well-known in the field? Human error is the main cause of failure of any kind. An estimated 15–50 errors occur for every 1000 lines of code. When there are coding mistakes and gaps in our data, it is not secure. Hackers can take advantage of every error that is made. 

Startups go to outside resources for excellence to cope with this IT disaster. To handle the security issues, they employ the best IT specialists. Not every startup has access to knowledgeable and proficient IT staff. 

That's when staff augmentation companies help the internal team with programming and coding to reduce security risk. They examine programming models to find and extract any possible errors in the code. The increased workforce contributes to a decrease in hacking events. 

Focus on Core Business Activities

With limited possibilities, augmentation allows start-ups to prioritize their core activities while external professionals handle specialized tasks. The well-known corporation Google has employed staff augmentation in a variety of capacities. But as of late, Google has started contracting with IT service providers to handle non-core business functions, including software development, maintenance, and IT administration. 

Temporary Specialist Acquisition for Non-IT-Specialized Firms

Staff augmentation offers a unique advantage to non-IT-specialized companies by providing access to temporary specialists. Most augmented IT teams are talented experts who can quickly become fully involved in any project at any point. This allows these firms to bridge gaps in expertise swiftly and efficiently. 

Benefits for Established Companies

An increasing number of businesses are impacted by the new staff augmentation trend and even established teams are not exceptions. So let's take a look at how this model can benefit in this case:

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Through staff augmentation, established companies experience a 15% increase in overall team productivity and efficiency, allowing 70% of their in-house teams to focus more on core business strategies and critical tasks. 

One of the real-world case studies of successful augmentation implementations is the case of Netflix. Netflix has been using staff augmentation for years to supplement its core engineering team with external developers from different countries and time zones. This enables Netflix to deliver high-quality products and services faster and more efficiently, while also fostering a culture of innovation and diversity.

Access to Highly Skilled Professionals

Established companies can leverage staff augmentation to access niche skill sets that might not be available in-house, aiding in complex projects or innovation initiatives. 

Expansion of Technological Expertise

80% of established firms using staff augmentation report an increased pace of technological innovation, contributing to a 35% increase in the successful deployment of advanced technologies without extensive in-house training. Shopify has been using augmentation to expand its global presence and reach new markets. By hiring loсal experts and consultants from different regions, Shopify can better understand and serve the needs and preferences of its customers while also complying with local laws and regulations.

Solutions Tailored to the Budget

With tailored staffing solutions, you gain control over project budgets and ensure cost predictability. Whether it's optimizing expenses or aligning resources within your project's financial parameters, customizing your team through staff augmentation offers flexibility and financial control. Additionally, administrative and organizational costs, such as those associated with workspace, workstations, and other amenities, are not a concern anymore.

Market Trends for IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation seamlessly integrates remote IT teams to enhance productivity and speed up project delivery. This strategy is tailored to your needs and is available for short or extended periods through specialized IT augmentation teams.

Curious about its relevance in the industry? It's not just about growth statistics. What truly matters is its direct impact on your business. By leveraging this model, you gain access to diverse skill sets and specialized expertise, elevating your project's quality and innovation amidst a competitive global market. 

We've already discussed the key benefits for start-ups and established teams. Now, at the end of 2023, we believe this strategy will stay in 2024 as well. The only difference is perspectives, which will have a lot to offer.

The Top Perspectives for IT Staff Augmentation in 2024

Let’s discover why both start-ups and established companies should follow this trend in 2024:

There Is Still a Shortage of Tech Talent

The IMF projects that the shortfall of tech workers might reach 85 million by 2030, meaning that by 2024, even fewer competent applicants will be available to fill tech roles.

Rising Prevalence of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the rise of AI and an increased number of companies integrating these technologies, the need for IT professionals with expertise in overseeing and implementing AI solutions is escalating. Info-Polus, with its extensive experience in such projects, boasts specialists whose skills are highly sought after worldwide through staff augmentation.

Being Flexible Is Crucial For Your Business

In 2024, companies will need to be adaptable enough to continue operating their businesses in the face of both expected and unforeseen developments. As a result, businesses demand an adaptable staffing solution that lets them swiftly increase or decrease the number of IT employees they need as needed.

Soft Skills Are Priority One

According to WEF, 40% of workers would need to retrain in soft skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and teamwork over the next five years. IT professionals who possess these skills will be in great demand, especially in sectors like IT that depend heavily on technical know-how.

The Better Version of Outsourcing

Compared to outsourcing models, staff augmentation models are the best option. It permits total transparency in the employment process and gives the hiring business total control. Third-party resources' capacity to shape benefits the new company in any circumstance.


IT staff augmentation emerges as an essential strategy, offering cost-effectiveness, specialized skill access, and adaptability for both start-ups and established IT companies. Real-world examples showcase its impact, while 2024 trends underscore its continued relevance in addressing talent shortages and evolving skill demands. Embracing this tactic isn't a choice; it's the key to a more agile, efficient, and innovative future in the tech industry.

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