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At Info-Polus, we understand the challenges organizations face when it comes to finding and retaining skilled IT professionals. That's why we offer customized IT staff augmentation services to help you meet your project deadlines and scale your team with top-notch talent. 

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Why Choose Our IT Staff Augmentation Services?

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Access Top Talent

Gain access to highly qualified IT professionals in software development, system administration, network engineering, project management, and more through our IT staff augmentation services.

Flexibility and Scalability

Our services adapt to your changing needs, providing flexible and scalable solutions for short-term projects or long-term support.

Cost-Effective Solution

Optimize your budget by saving on recruitment, training, and benefits while receiving top-quality IT expertise.

Reduced Time-to-Hire

We streamline the hiring process, presenting qualified candidates swiftly to ensure a smooth transition for your project.

Seamless Integration and Collaboration

Our IT professionals seamlessly integrate into your team, aligning with your work culture, processes, and tools.

Quality Assurance

We adhere to strict standards, conducting regular evaluations to ensure exceptional service and results.

Technology Expertise

Stay ahead with our deep knowledge in cloud computing, cybersecurity, data analytics, AI, GIS, and more.

Ongoing Skill Enhancement

We are committed to fostering a culture of lifelong learning and professional development to ensure that our team delivers exceptional results. 

IT Staff Augmentation Case Studies

Partnering with Info-Polus for your IT staff augmentation needs means gaining a competitive edge in today's fast-paced business landscape. Our commitment to delivering tailored solutions, top talent, and exceptional service sets us apart. Let us help you optimize your workforce, achieve your business goals, and drive innovation.


Post-launch operations and ongoing maintenance of the PAAS for SMBs


The development of AI powered Workforce Management platform


UI design and back-end enhancement of a software delivery platform

Unlock Your Business Potential with Our IT Staff Augmentation Services

Dedicated Team Model

Under the dedicated team model, you establish a long-term partnership with an off-shore IT service provider. The provider assembles a dedicated team of skilled professionals who work exclusively on your projects. This model gives you full control and flexibility over the team, allowing you to manage and prioritize tasks directly. It is ideal for long-term projects that require ongoing collaboration and close coordination with the off-shore team.

Project-Based Model

In the project-based model, you engage an off-shore IT team to work on a specific project or set of tasks. This model is suitable when you have well-defined project requirements, timelines, and deliverables. The off-shore team works on the project independently, following the established scope and milestones. It offers flexibility in terms of project duration and scalability, as you can expand or reduce the team size based on project needs.

Staff Augmentation Model

In the staff augmentation model, you augment your existing in-house team with off-shore IT professionals. The off-shore team members work alongside your in-house employees, providing additional skills and resources to complement your team's capabilities. This model is beneficial when you need to quickly scale up your team, fill specific skill gaps, or handle temporary workload spikes. It allows for efficient knowledge transfer and collaboration between your in-house and off-shore team members.

Remote Work Support from Our Side

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Management Support

Our experienced team of project managers specializes in effectively managing remote development teams. We ensure seamless communication, collaboration, and coordination, allowing you to focus on your core business while we handle the remote developer management.

Legal Compliance

We prioritize legal compliance in all aspects of our operations. Our remote specialists work officially and in accordance with local laws. As their employer, we take care of salary payments and tax obligations, mitigating risks and providing a transparent and reliable framework for engaging remote talent.

Technical Support

We provide comprehensive technical support to remote developers, ensuring they have the necessary infrastructure, tools, and resources to succeed. From setting up development environments to troubleshooting technical issues, we're here to optimize their productivity

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

We understand the importance of monitoring and evaluating remote developers' performance. Our platform provides robust performance tracking and reporting tools, enabling you to assess productivity, quality, and adherence to project timelines. This data-driven approach helps you make informed decisions and optimize your remote development operations.

Continuous Professional Development for Our Specialists

We prioritize the continuous improvement of our specialists by providing ongoing skill enhancement programs, encouraging exploration of new technologies, and fostering a collaborative learning environment. Through internal training, external certifications, and mentorship programs, our specialists stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in their fields.

Recruitment Assistance

Finding the right remote developers can be challenging. We offer recruitment assistance, leveraging our network and expertise to identify highly qualified candidates who excel in remote work. We understand the specific skill sets required for remote roles and can help you build a high-performing distributed team.

Granular permissions

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Hiring Process

Throughout the entire hiring process, we maintain open communication and regular updates to keep you informed of our progress. Our goal is to ensure that you have a highly qualified and cohesive IT team in place to drive your projects forward successfully.

1 - Inquiry

We begin by conducting a comprehensive needs assessment to understand your specific IT requirements. Based on this assessment, we create detailed job descriptions that outline the responsibilities, qualifications, and desired outcomes for each position.

2 - Interview

Using our extensive network and recruitment resources, we proactively source candidates who match your job descriptions. Our rigorous screening process includes reviewing resumes, conducting initial interviews, and assessing technical skills to shortlist the most qualified candidates for your team.

We facilitate the interview process between you and the shortlisted candidates. We help coordinate interviews and provide guidance on interview techniques and questions tailored to assess technical competence, problem-solving skills, and cultural fit.

3 - Hire Team

Once you select the ideal candidates, we assist with salary negotiations and finalizing the hiring process. We also support the onboarding phase, ensuring a smooth transition for the new IT team members into your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is IT staff augmentation?

IT staff augmentation is a strategic approach used by businesses to bolster their internal IT teams by hiring external IT professionals on a temporary basis. It enables organizations to quickly access specialized skills and expertise to meet project requirements, address skill gaps, and enhance operational efficiency. Augmented staff members seamlessly integrate with the existing team, aligning with the organization's goals, processes, and protocols.

How does IT staff augmentation differ from traditional outsourcing?

Although IT staff augmentation and traditional outsourcing both involve engaging external resources, there are notable distinctions between the two approaches. IT staff augmentation focuses on providing additional skilled professionals who work alongside the client's team, under their management and direction. In contrast, traditional outsourcing entails transferring complete projects or processes to an external vendor, who assumes full responsibility for delivering the desired outcomes.

What are the benefits of IT staff augmentation services?

IT staff augmentation offers several advantages to businesses, including:

Flexibility: Organizations can scale their IT teams up or down as needed, ensuring the availability of the right resources at the right time.

Cost-effectiveness: Engaging augmented staff members is often more economical than maintaining a full-time, in-house IT team, as it reduces overhead expenses such as benefits, training, and infrastructure.

Access to specialized skills: Companies can tap into a broader talent pool, gaining access to professionals with specific expertise and experience in niche technologies or domains.

Accelerated time-to-market: Augmented staff members bring their expertise and knowledge, helping expedite project timelines and deliver quality results within shorter timeframes.

How does the IT staff augmentation process work?

The IT staff augmentation process typically involves the following steps:
Needs assessment: The client identifies their IT requirements, skill gaps, and project goals.

Resource identification: The IT staff augmentation service provider matches the client's needs with suitable professionals from their talent pool or recruits new resources, if necessary.

Selection and onboarding: The client interviews and selects the augmented staff members. Once chosen, they undergo an onboarding process to familiarize themselves with the client's systems, processes, and project requirements.

Project execution: Augmented staff members collaborate with the client's team, contributing their skills and expertise to achieve project objectives.

Performance management: The client manages the augmented staff's performance, providing guidance, feedback, and support as needed.

Project completion and transition: Once the project concludes or the augmented staff members are no longer required, they smoothly transition out of the client's team, and the engagement concludes.

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