August 1, 2023
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There will be no programmers in 5 years. What’s happening with the Development field?

When Ai only appeared it was a fun way to waste your time on the lunch break. Now it will replace you and take your job. Since November 2022, when Chat GPT was presented to the public, a lot of things have happened. So let’s discuss how the “As an AI language model, I have a knowledge cutoff date because my training data only goes up until September 2021” now has all chances to overtake the human race.

Mostaque, why worry? Everything was okay!

During a recent episode of the Moonshots and Mindsets Podcast, Emad Mostaque, the founder and CEO of Stability AI, expressed a daring forecast: "In the next five years, programmers will cease to exist."

Emad Mostaque is a Founder of Stability AI

Mostaque envisions a future heavily influenced by the revolutionary capabilities of artificial intelligence, and he firmly believes that AI will assume a dominant role in shaping our global landscape. In the near future, Mostaque envisions a communication and information access revolution. He foresees AI models like ChatGPT being directly integrated into our mobile phones, rendering the requirement for an internet connection obsolete. This groundbreaking development has the potential to completely reshape our conversational interactions and open up exciting new opportunities. This integration is happening right now, you can download the official Chat GPT app for iOS and there is such a plan for Android users

Job security remains a significant concern amid the ascent of AI. This shows Mostaque's worries about the future of developers. And according to the recent GitHub’s research we all should be worrying.

GitHub research highlights the impact of AI on developers

In a recent survey, GitHub gathered responses from 500 developers based in the United States, all working at companies with over 1,000 employees. The survey aimed to explore how managers should approach considerations related to developer productivity, collaboration, and the integration of AI coding tools.

Inbal Shani, the Chief Product Officer at GitHub, expressed the company's interest in gaining insights from developers regarding the impact of new tools and existing workflows on the overall developer experience. As part of their initiative, GitHub collaborated with Wakefield Research to conduct a survey, reaching out to 500 developers from enterprise companies based in the United States. The goal was to comprehend the effects of generative AI advancements on developers and their work processes. So let’s take a look at this research, compare it with Mostaque's argument and try to predict the future of the development field. 

Almost all developers are already using AI coding tools at and outside of work

The survey results are compelling, showing that AI coding tools have already made a significant impact on developers. A vast majority, 92%, are currently using these tools in their work and personal projects, indicating that AI has firmly established its presence in the development landscape.

Furthermore, 70% of the surveyed developers have experienced tangible benefits from using AI coding tools, highlighting the positive outcomes they bring to the development process. Another noteworthy finding is that 81% of developers expect AI tools to foster greater collaboration among teams. This collaboration boost is a win-win for companies seeking to enhance both developer efficiency and the overall developer experience.

Equally important is the fact that 57% of developers see AI as a potential aid in upskilling. They recognize the possibility of incorporating learning and development seamlessly into their daily workflows through AI-powered tools. This presents an exciting opportunity for developers to continuously improve their skills and knowledge.

The latest GPT-4 language model from OpenAI is being included in Microsoft's AI-powered programming tool GitHub Copilot, unlocking a host of new features in the process. The so-called "AI pair programmer" gets a name change to GitHub Copilot X with the upgrade to GPT-4, but it also promises programmers several of eagerly anticipated new features, including the ability to chat. Developers will be able to communicate with Copilot X using a ChatGPT-like interface (GitHub Copilot chat) so that in addition to writing code more quickly, they may ask for assistance or direct the AI to carry out a task.

Good Ai - Bad Ai, who is who?

At the moment we have two states of thought: Ai is good and Ai is bad. Mostaque's argument finds support in data from GitHub, where a staggering 41 per cent of all existing code is revealed to be AI-generated. This data highlights the significant impact and prevalence of AI in the coding landscape. This means no need for developers at all.

On the other hand, according to GitHub’s research, all developers are happy. The main reason is that Ai allows producing the software program’s code easier and faster. For example, ChatGPT is used by companies like Zapier who have an API platform that allows developers to integrate the power of ChatGPT into their apps and services. Given these insights, it becomes clear that technical leaders should proactively explore and adopt AI solutions to further enhance satisfaction, productivity, and the overall developer experience. The positive impact of AI coding tools is already evident, and embracing this technology can lead to substantial benefits for both developers and companies alike. In the future, utilizing powerful Ai will give such opportunities:

  1. Increase the use of low-code solutions. 
  2. Integrated AI will streamline cybersecurity efforts.
  3. Accelerate digital transformations and improve remote work.
  4. AI tools will become more effective through developer use.
Developers believe that AI coding tools will also help them focus on higher-value problem solving


In conclusion, the coexistence of AI and human developers in the development field is the current reality. While AI is undoubtedly here to stay and will continue to shape the landscape, the role of human developers remains essential in driving innovation and providing unique problem-solving capabilities that AI cannot replicate. The true potential of AI in the development field lies in the synergy between human creativity and the efficiency of AI-powered tools, ensuring a promising and exciting future for the industry.

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